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What Problems Should We Pay Attention To When Using High-altitude Expansion Equipment?
- May 28, 2018 -

What problems should we pay attention to when using high-altitude expansion equipment?

High altitude expansion equipment is very important for an expansion base. It is the main part of the expansion equipment base. One is an indispensable important equipment for expanding the base. All the training projects in the development of training need a certain special expansion equipment, which is carried out in a hypothetical scene simulation.

High altitude expansion equipment project requires students to carry out climbing, jumping, marching, descending, etc. on the high altitude equipment of 8---12 meters. In order to ensure the safety of each person, it has a high requirement for the safety of the equipment. It is necessary to set up clear safety notices and warnings in the use of expansion equipment, set up a sound system of personnel responsibility, sound security, security, health inspection, facilities and equipment maintenance, personnel service post responsibility system. The outward bound training staff is not present, and everyone should not be able to access the development equipment.

All high altitude expansion equipment use an independent double point double protection system. In the process of using high altitude expansion equipment, two safety ropes must be suspended. Each safety rope is tied to a protective wire rope with one steel lock, and a safety rope on the two protective wire ropes is guaranteed. The user must carry on the ground protection in the process of using high altitude expansion equipment. The ground protection personnel of each safety rope must not be less than two and operate strictly according to the safety process to ensure the safety of the overhead personnel. High altitude expansion equipment should be checked before each use. Every use should be regularly overhauled at the connecting place (whether the six ends of the wire rope are loosened, all the screw connections) are firm, and a sound periodic inspection and registration system is established to ensure the safe use of the expansion equipment.