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The Characteristics Of The Baby Bike
- May 28, 2018 -

The characteristics of the baby bike

A child bicycle chain hood is essential. A child bicycle with a maximum or greater saddle height equal to or greater than 560mm should be equipped with a disc hood or other protective device to cover the surface of the meshing part on the chain and sprocket. When the chain is all meshed on the sprocket, the disc hood should go beyond the outer side of the chain in diameter and no disk. For the chain guard and other protective devices, the range should be extended to the point where the initial teeth of the chain teeth enter the two sides of the chain, starting from the chain to at least 25mm. A child bicycle with a maximum saddle height below 560mm should be equipped with a chain cover that covers the outer surface and edge of the chain, sprocket and flywheel, and covers the inner surface of the sprocket and the chain and sprocket meshing to prevent the child's finger from being hurt. Because children's bicycles are not used for riding on highways, they must be used under adult supervision when they are used. They must not be riding on highways.