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Purchasing Standard For Baby Bicycles
- May 28, 2018 -

"The five one standard"

In November 2011, in order to help more parents to buy children's cars, the world child car industry hardcover aircraft carrier three Hin Shun once again put forward the selection of children's bicycle (focus on children's bicycle) "51 standard": carry one, touch, scrape, look, ride a ride.

Carry a lift

Take a lift, feel and judge the weight of the child. The weight of the baby carriage is mainly determined by the thickness of the steel tube of the frame. To a certain extent, the weight of the baby carriage is heavier and more stable, that is to say, it is safer.

Fold and touch

Touch the surface: touch the parts of children's hands and legs that may touch on the surface of the child's cart. Do they have sharp sharp edges, sharp edges and protrusions?

Folding and scraping

Scraping and scratching: nail scraping and painting, whether the surface coating has obvious phenomenon of shedding.

Scraping and scraping Applique: with nail scraping applique, the surface decals have obvious phenomenon of falling off.

Take a look at the fold

Look at the enterprise: to see the history, scale, economic strength and brand personality of the brands purchased, and also to consider the market share and the reputation of the products.

Take a look at the components: see whether the chain cover of the children's car covers the outer surface and edge of the chain, sprocket, flywheel, and the inner surface of the chain and sprocket. If these parts are not covered, children's fingers can reach into touch, which may cause injuries to children's fingers.

Take a look at the welding points: see whether the surface of the welding points of the children's car is smooth, whether there are cracks, burn through or incomplete welding defects.

A folding ride

Riding a ride, feel the right degree: feel the size of the baby car is suitable for your child. In particular, if the size of the brake is not suitable, it may cause the child to hold the brake handle tightly, and when it is riding, it can not stop the car and is prone to accidents.

Ride a ride, feel firm: feel the welding parts of children's cars and saddle parts have enough supporting force.

Ride a ride, feel the spirit of life: feel whether all kinds of rotating parts of children's cars are flexible.

Ride a ride, feel tightness: feel whether there is a relative rotation between the sleeve and horizontal tube. If the combination is not tight, children are prone to accidents when they ride bicycles because of slippery sliding.