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Pay Attention To The Following Key Parts When Purchasing Baby Bicycles
- May 28, 2018 -

Pay attention to the following key parts when purchasing baby bicycles.

Folding mechanism. Toy trolley, toy four wheeled baby carriage, toy cradle and similar toys in accordance with the relevant standards, if the handle or other structural parts may be folded and pressed on the child, at least one main locking device and a sub lock device, the two devices should act directly. On the folding mechanism, when the toy car is installed, at least one of the locking devices should be automatically locked. When buying, consumers should check not only enough devices but also their quality. There has been an accident that the handrails of children's trolley failed to cause the child's hands to be injured.

A transmission chain or a belt. The transmission chain or belt of a child bicycle should be added with a protective cover so that it can not be touched. If the tool shield is not used, it should not be removed, such as the wheel of the bicycle, the chain and so on. Journalists often see children's bicycles that are completely incompatible with this demand in some small commodity markets. Children are very active and curious, and once they reach their rotating roulette, the consequences are unthinkable.