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About The Baby Bike
- May 28, 2018 -

About the baby bike

Children's bicycles are a class of children's cars. Children's cars include four categories: Children's bicycles, child trolleys, baby walkers and children's tricycles. When choosing and buying the children's age and height, choose the right size, that is, the bicycle with the height of the saddle in the range of 435~635mm, and pay attention to the gate size of the hand brake when choosing the vehicle.

When the size is too large, the child can not hold the brake when the brakes are on. So when you buy, you'd better take your children to try it together. In addition, the braking force should not be less than 50N. Otherwise, the vehicle will not stop and bring harm to children. Children's bicycle is also equipped with a protection wheel (balance wheel), it can keep the balance of the rider, so the selection and purchase should pay attention to whether or not to match (about each one), when used, do not dismantling at will, parents must take this into consideration when choosing and using.

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