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Why do many companies build their own development bases?
- May 28, 2018 -

Why do many companies build their own development bases?

1. Human resource manager training base

The human resources department is not only the guarantee for the enterprises to deliver the fresh blood, but also the psychological balance of the employees. An excellent communication human resource manager is the core of an enterprise, and effective communication has become the lifeblood of the enterprise. Enterprise managers spend 75% of their time on communication, but 80% of enterprises are caused by communication barriers. People who are incompetent due to poor interpersonal communication occupy 85% of the employees. Communication ability has become an important skill for professionals in modern society. More and more enterprises and business people put communication skills in the first place of ability and quality.

Therefore, if we want to ensure the normal operation of the company, we must pay attention to training the communication awareness of human resources managers and improving communication skills.

2, enterprises expand base construction, set up industry training standards.

The expansion of base construction not only increases the infrastructure construction of enterprises, but also reflects the advanced management culture of an enterprise. For example, after the completion of Jin coal group development training base, the state has been rated as "advanced coal training base" and "innovative management enterprise". It has become a model of the coal industry, attracting other industry systems to train and study. The Baotou coal industry group is a friendly partner unit of the Jin coal enterprise and organized employees to Jin Dynasty. The coal group has studied and trained for more than a month, and played a great role in promoting the brand culture.