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What are the benefits for children to play in the naughty castle?
- May 28, 2018 -

What are the benefits for children to play in the naughty castle?

Because the vestibular system in the central nervous system of the human body has the function of detecting gravity, maintaining body balance and promoting other nervous systems. Therefore, when the vestibular system is dysfunctional, it will not only affect children's balance and motion response, but also reduce their learning ability. Playing the naughty castle often helps children develop their vestibular functions.

The amusement equipment generally includes the indoor naughty burger, with a swing, a slide, and other children climbing the pipe equipment; a rocking car; a child's horse; an inflatable fort; a mouse machine; Dong Dong monkey; a water duck; an electric horse; Zhuge Ma and so on. These playground equipment can promote the development of many kinds of nervous system in children, including vestibular system, motor nerve system, haptic nerve system and so on.

(1) the movement of swing and acceleration. Such activities include swing slide, rocking machine, electric toy and so on. When children are able to sit stable, they can ride Zhuge Ma, take electric toys or slide a small slide, and use a lot of acceleration and sudden speed to supply the influence of the vestibule system, so that the child's neural pathway is smooth. At the age of 3, he can be allowed to swing, slide and sit up and down the small train, so that they feel the speed of increase or decrease in the infinite fun.

(2) rotation activity. The equipment has to turn horse, track small train and so on. Most children like to rotate, but some children are afraid of rotation because of their brain's failure to adapt to the effects of rotation. Therefore, when children with fear of rotation play kindergarten slides, do not force them to play the game that is too fast, but play games with large rotating radians and slow rotation speed, such as small trains, which make their vestibule system more and more effective. Children who love spinning can be allowed to play more of these rotations. As for the children who are particularly fond of revolving, their vestibule system has a lack of input and repercussions, so they can allow them to take more swiftly and swiftly to make the dull vestibule system more intense and help to normalize.