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Small skills in maintenance of children's amusement equipment
- May 28, 2018 -

Small skills in maintenance of children's amusement equipment

The recent news reports on health checks in some of the children's mischievous paradise, the results are worrying, and many of the facilities in the naughty castle have been cleaned up for a long time, or at all, and many of the sea balls in the pool of naughty castle are cleaned once a month or a few months, leading to a large number of parasites. When children play inside, there is no hygiene at all. So how should children's paradise equipment be covered? Below, according to our company's experience in production and operation of children's amusement equipment for many years, we have summarized some small experiences for your reference.

First: in children's Amoy Park, especially in the playground, this type of amusement equipment uses a lot of plastic. For the maintenance of equipment like plastic material here, soaping water, disinfecting and washing clothes, floating powder and so on are usually diluted and scrubbed. Then clean it with fresh water and dry it with clean cloth.

Second: the soft sponge of recreational equipment is washed with soft cloth soaked with soapy water. Then wait for the natural wind.

Third: wood parts, first wash with soapy water, dry.

Fourth: if the metal parts of the amusement equipment are rusty, you can brush the rust. Then wash the soapy water with water and dry with a dry cloth.

Fifth: for electric amusement equipment cleaning, because of power failure. It can not be irrigated at the same time. Wet cloth can be scrubbed, dried and then connected to power supply test.

Sixth: for indoor amusement equipment, UV disinfection should be used daily. The same is the process of ventilation. After a certain period of time, thoroughly disinfect.

In the end, the equipment must be checked regularly. The items that are checked mostly are whether the connection between the equipment is firm, whether the parts of the metal parts are frequent and whether the lubricating oil is needed, the circuit and parts of the electric equipment can damage the unsafe parts exposed to the outside.