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How is the market prospect of the children's naughty burger indoor Park
- May 28, 2018 -

With the improvement of the living conditions of the domestic residents, the consumption of children's naughty castle indoor park will be higher and higher. It is estimated that the average child in the urban area will go to naughty castle park at least once a month. For the naughty castle equipment, most of our country's children's naughty castle equipment at present, most of them are no products, the security risks are big, the safety is not healthy, the quality is bad, the price is low, the consumer trust is lack, and there is no whole national brand in the domestic indoor naughty castle park, and the foreign brands have already passed through Enter the mainland market through the form of sales agents or offices. Its high price is prohibitive for many consumers.

Market prospects: at present, the consumption level of China's per capita indoor naughty castle park is low, but with the rapid development of China's national economy and the continuous improvement of the living standard, the amazing potential of the Chinese toy market in children's naughty castle will be gradually displayed. According to a foreign survey, plush toys are the first choice for European parents to choose toys for children. The cost of per capita in Europe ($144) is far higher than that of China and Asia ($13), which is the second largest toy market after the United States (US $340), and the per capita toy consumption in Asian countries. Less than 1/10 of Europe. According to a survey conducted by the China Toy Association and China Social Survey Office, there are 286 million children and adolescents under 14 years of age in China. Their per capita annual toy consumption is only 20 yuan (2.4 dollars) to 30 yuan ($3.6), much lower than the Asian children's per capita annual toy consumption of 13 dollars and the average annual toy consumption of 34 dollars per year for children in the world. These data indicate that the domestic toy market has broad prospects and great potential.