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Design elements and precautions of slippery ladder in kindergarten
- May 28, 2018 -

The skid ladder is one of the favorite amusement facilities of the children, and it is also called a happy paradise for children to play with. It is a paradise for children to meet the children's contact with nature and set up the functions of climbing, sliding and playing. Through the science of three dimensional and three-dimensional combination, it makes the slide ladder in the kindergarten for the integration of entertainment, sports, education and fitness. It is a new generation of children's entertainment center. For this reason, the powerful combination slide amusement park is loved by the majority of children and has become an investment project to attract children and increase profits and win.

However, with the healthy development of the industry, more and more attention has been paid to the safety of children's entertainment equipment. High quality, high popularity and high safety performance are also important issues for children's slide manufacturers. Therefore, how to improve the safety of kindergarten children's slide has become the primary concern of many manufacturers. Let's take a look at it together with Xiaobian.

1, all devices that can cause children's hands, head, body and feet and other parts must end.

2, swing, rocking equipment must consider the cushioning performance of products.

3, all equipment, no sharp exposure (such as screws, etc.), exposed parts may involve children's clothes, children are dangerous because of hook. So the exposed part must be covered with a round cover.

4, there must be a high performance, high quality, durability, good material design.

5, in order to prevent children from accidentally falling down, the fence must be set at a specific height.

6, it is suggested that it is safely placed on the ground. Children can rely on ground mats to reduce injuries when they fall.